Which Backup Solution is Best for You?

We’re all different. We have different jobs, families and interests, so it makes sense that our computer backup needs would be diverse too. Fortunately, backup software manufacturers understand and offer backup choices to fit virtually any need.

Considering Your Backup Options

Many of today’s backup software programs offer a wide array of backup options; giving you the flexibility to create a backup and recovery solution that will fit your needs.

One-Click System Backup Capability If simple is what your life demands, then this tool may be just what the doctor ordered. Although it’s only available on select backup products, this convenient tool makes a full system backup with the click of a single button.
Files-In-Use Backup If the data you need to backup changes throughout the day, this tool is a good choice, as it can perform several data backups while your computer is active. The ability to backup files while in use is an excellent tool for those that work from home or those in an office with projects that evolve throughout the day. This tool is available with most backup software programs.
Complete System Backup Also called Image Backup, Drive Image, and Hard Drive Image, a complete system backup saves a copy of your entire hard drive, including your operating system, registry, drivers, software application as well as your data files—allowing you to restore your entire computer back to a given point in time. A complete system backup is a good alternative to reformatting a hard drive that’s heavily infected with spyware or computer viruses.

Advancing Your Backup Capabilities

Some backup software comes with options that go beyond the simple novice approach, giving you special tools to deal with unique challenges.


Backup Data Compression

Most backup software programs offer some form of data compression, which allows you to pack more data into the same location – perfect for anyone with limited storage space.

Backup File Filtering Filtering

allows you to filter certain types of files for backup. For example, you can select to backup all of the images in your hard drive – giving you the freedom to refine your data backup in ways that best suit your needs. This tool is also available on most backup software.

Backup Password Protection and Encryption

If you use passwords to protect data on your computer, it makes sense to do the same with your data backup. Most backup software offers password protection, but not all allow you to encrypt your password, which keeps your files safe from hackers.

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Which Backup Solution is Best for You? We’re all different. We have different jobs, families

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